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Jenna & Will are one of those couples who feel more like your friends than your clients. I mean, Jenna went to happy hour with me on my birthday……she is the BEST! I love keeping up with these two on social media, from the renovations they’re doing on the house they just bought (!!!), to Raven’s tailgates in Lot H with all of their besties. Jenna and Will are so down to earth and treat everyone like they have been friends for years, even if they had just met!

Baltimore is a really special place for them, it’s pretty much where their relationship bloomed! These two are the type to bring the good times wherever they go. They love to have fun, and I know their wedding next year is going to be a blast!!!


Makeup | Iris Calabrese
Ring box | MRS Box
Green Maxi Dress | Hazel & Olive

Nov 3, 2017

Jenna & Will Downtown Baltimore Engagement Session



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