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Nov 3, 2017

Jenna & Will are one of those couples who feel more like your friends than your clients. I mean, Jenna went to happy hour with me on my birthday……she is the BEST! I love keeping up with these two on social media, from the renovations they’re doing on the house they just bought (!!!), to Raven’s […]

Sep 13, 2017

North Point State Park is one of my new favorite location for engagement pictures! From the tall grasses, to the pier, and the seawall, I loved every spot we found around the park for Courtney & Joe’s engagement session. Courtney is actually one of my TriDelta sorority sisters!! I joined after she had already left, […]

Aug 31, 2017

Jordan and Chris are the epitome of an Annapolis couple. They love the Navy, football games, Downtown Annapolis, and everything that encompasses Maryland! Their love is so classic, the kind that you only see in movies. They met while Jordan was working at a leasing office, and one day Chris came in looking for an […]

Jun 19, 2017

When Luke moved to Maryland to pursue professional fighting, I’m sure meeting the girl of his dreams was not something he expected to happen! Jillian and Luke met while working at the same restaurant together, and it didn’t take long before they hit it off and became official! In January Luke got down on one […]

Feb 16, 2017

A few days before Valentine’s Day I texted my boyfriend (who is currently in Thailand traveling) that I want to take pictures next year with him and a zillion heart balloons. But then I was like…..why don’t I just do that now?! So I posted on Instagram and asked if anyone would be free on […]

Nov 3, 2016

Lexi modeled in a styled shoot I photographed a few months ago, and recently I was scrolling through Instagram and saw she had joined my sorority!!

Oct 19, 2016

When Sarah said her and Andrew wanted to do their engagement session in Stone Harbor, New Jersey where they always vacation together, I was so excited!! I love destination engagement sessions to places that hold a special place in my couple’s hearts! 

Jun 13, 2016

Grace & Rob’s engagement session is one of the things I look at and think “this could not get more perfect”. From the little beach in Eastport, to Grace’s Lilly Pulitzer dress and Jack Rodgers, and the gorgeous golden light on the docks of Annapolis, it was one of those days that just does not […]

Apr 8, 2016

YAY! FIRST BLOG POST ON THE NEW WEBSITE!! That took me way too long….but I wanted this to be the FIRST post! I went to Disney World with my Big in my sorority, my little sister and her little sister! (I’ll be posting their Senior pictures I took while we were in the parks soon!) 

Feb 16, 2016

Let me tell you about the first time I ever photographed Katie and RJ: We planned to meet up at Quiet Waters Park on a Tuesday for a sunrise portrait session. I got to Quiet Waters early only to find out it was closed on Tuesdays….so I frantically called Katie to come up with a new plan. Well, Katie and RJ, being the badasses that they are, drove right on into Quiet Waters because they wanted to shoot there that morning, if the park was closed or not! Now, does that sound like a dream couple or what?!