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Feb 23, 2017

The other day in Maryland it was 60 degrees, which we thought was sooooooo warm (after it being freezing who could blame us!). So my sister and I got all dolled up to take pictures at sunset at Jonas Green park in Annapolis! When we got to the water we realized it’s actually still cold……so […]

Nov 12, 2014

{I need to start this post saying that this family is the SWEETEST family I have ever met!!} I knew Monica and Danni from working with them throughout high school. They moved to Africa a few years ago (coolest thing ever, right?!) and when they moved back to the U.S. I knew I had to take their […]

Jul 25, 2014

The other day, I met up with Tricia in downtown Annapolis to chat about photography! Tricia is a Junior in high school and she wants to start her own photography business. From the moment I met Tricia, I knew I would love her! She radiates so much joy and enthusiasm when she talks about photography […]

Jun 9, 2014

A few days ago I met up with Nicole at Meridian Hill Park in DC to take her senior pictures! I had so much fun walking around DC with Nicole and her parents, we even asked some picnickers to use their bike as a prop! Nicole is one of the brightest and most creative people […]

Nov 7, 2013

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of doing not one, but two shoots! I started off my day with an adorable baby boy, whom I shared earlier this week, then later that day I had the chance to photograph a stunning high school senior, Asha! When we arrived in Annapolis, the sky was gray and […]