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Do these two look familiar? Their engagement and wedding photos are scattered all throughout my website, and I’m so happy that Meagan and I remained close even after their wedding! These two recently brought home a little fur baby, and I’ve been obsessingggggg over him on Meagan’s Snapchat stories. He’s so fluffy and little!! I wanted to photograph portraits in the cherry blossoms before all the blooms were gone, and these two (three..) were up for a little last-minute shoot! We may or may not have found a random cherry blossom tree….in a neighborhood that is not ours……RIGHT next to someone’s house (slightly trespassing?), but we made it work!!! It was so fun laughing at Chester grabbing sticks that were 4 times his size, and tripping over his ears when he ran, I just love these three!!

Apr 10, 2017

Meagan, Dillon, & Chester



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