Austin & Tara Key West Surprise Proposal

This is the post I’ve been waiting to publish!! My brother is finally engaged, and I can’t imagine having anyone else as my future-sister-in law!!

It all started when I was on a plane to Orlando. My brother texted me and said “are you available to come to Key West on January 23rd?”, to which I JOKINGLY replied “why, are you gonna propose?!”. Well, jokes on me, because that was EXACTLY his plan! But I was the only one in my family that knew! So I kept the secret for a few months, through Thanksgiving and Christmas (which was VERY hard). Thankfully I was going to be in New Orlean a few days before leaving for Key West, so no one suspected anything when I was out of town.

Austin and I shared so many back and forth texts about the ring, the proposal location, EVERYTHING. He lives in Norfolk, VA and Tara lives in Jacksonville, FL, so planning was tricky. ESPECIALLY figuring out her ring size!

When I arrived at the pier at the Southernmost Resort in Key West, I was of course frantically texting Austin what to do, where to stand, where I’ll be hiding, etc. I definitely looked suspicious hiding behind a dumpster holding a camera with a burrito-sized lens on it.

Everything turned out perfect, and the look on Tara’s face says it all! Before their breakfast reservations we were able to squeeze in a few portraits, and they are by far some of my favorite images ever (not to be biased!). I’m so happy I got to spend the next few days with Austin and Tara (hardcore third-wheeling), and I’m so excited to photograph their real engagement pictures in Newport, Rhode Island where they first met!

Congratulations Austin & Tara!!!

Heirloom Ring Box from Secret Keeper

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