For business owners and content creators, images play a huge role in attracting your ideal customer. When you go to someone’s Instagram profile, you decide pretty quickly if you want to follow them based on their images, right? And when you buy something online you’re probably like me and want to see pictures of what it looks like before you invest in it. Your images show people who you are, what you do, and why you're the best at it!

Whether you sell a product, offer a service, or you use your following to help other businesses thrive, having on-brand images will make you stand out online, and will help you attract the people you really want to work with!

After deciding which brand session package is best for you, inquire with me at the bottom of this page. I’ll send you a questionnaire to learn more about you and your business, and we’ll start the planning process!

brand photography

what is it? why is it important?



email me for more info

Are these headshots?

Do you offer payment plans?

How will you send the images?

I don't live in Baltimore, but I really love your work! Can we make something happen?

I want professional on-brand portraits, but I don't have a home-office or workspace to shoot in

What are your favorite images to shoot?

Kinda, but more fun! I'll shoot a few professional looking-at-the-camera portraits of you, but most of my portraits are taken while you're "working"! Either in your home office, your fav coffee shop to work in, or you ~literally~ at work making what you make

Brand images are an investment, and I do whatever I can to help my clients out! Payment schedules can be customized 

I use an online gallery system, which allows you to have access to your images anywhere you are. The gallery is a simple URL, so downloading + sharing is a breeze. You'll have  lifetime access to your gallery, and any shoots you ever have with me will be in you own personal portfolio link!

HELL YEAH! I've worked with companies based elsewhere, and in that case you can mail me all your products & on-brand styling props (or I'll shop with your brand vision and budget in mind), photograph everything, and mail it back to you! If you are a service based business or blogger, I am more than happy to travel to you for a big shoot day! Email me about travel packages!

Most people don't! Including myself, I have a teeny desk in my room, but that's "my office"! There are so many incredible studios, workspaces, and air b&b's we can research for your shoot. If we can't find one that fits your style/budget, we'll get creative (i.e ask friends to use their pretty houses, ha!)

I love photographing people "in action", either creating their products, someone using the product, etc. I love shooting relatable images that you can see yourself being in, so all my images are shot in natural light "lifestyle" situations

When should I update my images?

Anytime a "noticeable" change has happened! If you're releasing a new product, obviously you'll need images of it! But you should also think about updating images of you at least twice a year (I do "hot" and "cold" to know when to take new pictures!)

What if I only need one picture?

Sometimes it really is quicker and easier to take your own pictures! My blog & Instagram have tips and tricks for shooting your own content, and my presets in my shop make editing your images so fast and easy!

I know I'll need a brand session soon, what should I do now to prepare for it?

Make a pinterest or instagram board for inspiration! If you see an image that feels like your brand, or if you see an image you want to pull inspiration from, save it! As we plan your shoot you can go back through your board and see what we can come up with

I need help planning my brand session, even my outfits

I can help! After I send you your planning questionnaire, I will help you with any aspect of planning you need! Even if you know you need images, but you don't know what you need images of (you know, but you don't know, you know?) Truthfully it takes me FOREVER to plan my own shoots because I go through a mental list of what I want these images to do for my business, so we'll go through that list together!


I'm ready to book, what's next?

YAY! Shoot me an email and I will send you more info! We'll figure out what images your business needs, and plan from there! Full & Half brand sessions can be booked months in advance because of all the planning it takes, but mini sessions can usually be booked on shorter notice!

I'm not ready to book, but I want my images to look better

I can help there too! I share tips & tricks across all platforms (my blog, Instagram, etc.) on taking your own pictures on your phone! I also sell my Lightroom Mobile presets, and they'll help make your images look brighter and more crisp! If you have any questions about phone photography, email or DM me! 

Every business needs different images depending on what they do & who they are, so no two brand sessions are planned the same. After picking which package below is best for you, we will plan your session together! I have a questionnaire that asks you all about you and your business, and you’ll send me a Pinterest inspiration board so I can see what you’re imagining in your head. Pre-planning takes the longest out of this process, because I want to make sure we get every image you need!

Along with working with local Baltimore businesses, I also work with businesses based anywhere in the world. After they mail me their products and any on-brand styling props, I shoot everything based off what they told me in their questionnaire, and mail everything back. Email me about this!


Full Brand Session

-Pre-planning questionnaire
-Zoom brainstorm & vision clarity session
-2 hours of shooting time
-150+ images in a Lifetime access online gallery

Perfect for people who need a complete refresh of all their images, just launched a new website and need updated images, etc. 


-Pre-planning questionnaire
-Zoom brainstorm & vision clarity session
-1 hour of shooting time
-50+ images in a Lifetime access online gallery

Perfect for people who already have on-brand images, but are launching/releasing something new, or you just need a refresh for a few images.


half Brand Session

Not ready to plan your shoot yet? 

Brand sessions take a lot of time & planning, so if you're not ready for your shoot but still need fresh images, check out my mobile presets! They make taking your own brand images with your phone quick & easy!

presets shop

-30 minutes of shooting time at 1 location (travel fees may apply for anywhere outside of Baltimore City)
-Flatlays OR portraits, to save time and so you get more images
-Lifetime access to an online gallery

Mini sessions are for the bloggers who need a few images for future posts, businesses who are releasing 1-2 new products soon, etc.


mini brand session


Ready to plan your brand session? Fill out the contact form below and I will get back to you in 1-2 business days. We'll set up a time to hop on the phone and talk more about you, your business, and your vision for your shoot

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My client management software, it allows me to electronically send contracts, invoices, pricing guides, etc., and keep them all in one organized place

Flodesk is my email marketing software. Their templates make it quick and easy to design emails for your subscribers

Planoly helps you plan out your IG feed, so you can keep your content and posting schedule consistent. It also lets you write & save captions for the future, which is one of my fav features!

From professional camera gear, iphone photography accessories, books,  anything that makes my work-from-home life easier (and more fun!). These are all things I own & love!

Showit is the reason I even have a website! Their drag & drop, fully customizable platform made building my own website SO easy

This is more for photographers, but Cloudspot is my online gallery software. It's how I deliver my images to all my clients, and it makes organizing them all really easy

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