Chelsea & Clyde Beachy Sunset Surprise Proposal in Ocean City, Maryland

Chelsea’s sister, Kaitlyn, messaged me a few weeks ago and asked if I was available to photograph a surprise proposal for her”friend”….well that friend ended up being Chelsea’s now-fiance! I have known Chelsea for YEARS, so when I saw the first picture of her and her new boo on Instagram, I was SO excited for her! And when Kaitlyn said Chelsea was getting engaged, I was ecstatic! Chelsea and Clyde recently bought a house together (!!!) where they live with Clyde’s son, (who is also named Clyde! I love the family name!)

Clyde put together the perfect plan to surprise Chelsea, and have her family there! Clyde and Chelsea were in Ocean City with Clyde’s family, so Chelsea’s family was in OCMD without Chelsea even knowing. I hid in a gallery store on the boardwalk with Chelsea’s family (who made friends with the owner! Ha!!) until it was time to go down to the beach. I was sooooo nervous because the beach wasn’t too crowded, and Chelsea knows what I look like! I’m sure everyone thought I was very sketchy with the way I was ducking my head and reaching into my bag pulling out a huge camera……at one point I went and sat with a guy who was sunbathing and said “hey, those two are about to get engaged, can I pretend to be your friend so they don’t see me?”. Very fancy.

As Clyde and Chelsea got down to the beach, Chelsea was playing with baby Clyde, and when she turned around her boo was on his knee asking her to marry him!!! You can see the pure joy on her face! But the surprises weren’t over, Clyde pointed up towards to boardwalk and Chelsea saw her family running towards her! Cue more happy tears!!!

After all the hugs and “how did you know” and “when did you plan this?”, we did some family pictures, and some portraits of Chelsea & Clyde! If there’s one thing you should know about Chelsea, it’s that she LOVES the beach, so this was absolutely perfect for her!

Chelsea’s ring is also super special because Clyde custom made it for her (the center stone is her favorite color!!). Clyde also gave Chelsea matching earrings for Valentine’s day, I LOVED that! I knew turquoise was her favorite color, so I asked Karen of The Design Wave to help me make a special gift for them. She hand-lettered the prettiest turquoise wine bottle, and I loved how it matched her ring perfectly!!!

Chelsea & Clyde, I’m so excited for you two and I’m so excited for your little family!!


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