I'm incredibly passionate about supporting small businesses and love shooting new images for them to use in their marketing and advertising. From products, to restaurants, to service based businesses, we'll create a photo plan based on your needs. I offer custom packages depending on how often you need new content, and you can be as involved or hands-off in planning the shoot as you want. Some businesses give me the creative reigns with some direction, others have big ideas and love being involved in the process.

content creation

For businesses that use social media to market and need new content often, but don't have time to shoot it. We'll create a shot list around posts you're planning, upcoming sales or specials, new items, or anything coming up soon for your business


New photos every quarter to keep your business refreshed and updated. This is a great way to update product galleries, menu items, store updates, headshots, etc.


Individual shoots are perfect for businesses starting out, or seasoned businesses that want to get all new photos done in one day. Individual shoots can still be customized to your businesses needs

individual shoot


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How it works

All businesses have different marketing needs, and I work with different types of businesses to shoot specific content they need. From restaurants with new menu items, breweries releasing beers, shops with new inventory, makers with new products, or freshening up your marketing photo gallery, I'll plan your sessions around what will help your business sell.


After inquiring below, we'll pick a time to talk on the phone or in person about your business and what you're looking for. If possible I like going to where businesses operate for discovery meetings because then I can see the space, ask questions, and get inspired before shooting. I'll look at your website/social media channels and share my thoughts and ideas, and you'll fill me in on any upcoming events/releases/ etc. that you need to advertise for. We'll also create your photo package around how much marketing you do, so you always have new photos to share


After our discover meeting and creating your photography package, we'll plan the content creation sessions. Some businesses don't feel like they need to be included in the planning, and they tell me what they need shot beforehand and let me come in and do my thing. Others have visions for certain photos and want to work together during the shoot. I'm open to however much you want to work together to make your vision come to life!


Before every session I'll have a shot list for every item/part of the shoot. I shoot based on the list so I keep things moving, but I always stop for creative shots when I see them. I like to have everything planned out beforehand so that there's extra time for when creativity strikes

photo delivery

I deliver all photos in online galleries that can be accessed on any desktop or mobile device. If we have multiple shoots planned together, all the photos will be uploaded to the same gallery under different categories, so all your photos are in one place and easy to access. Within the gallery you'll be able to quickly download photos for social media posts, print through a professional quality printer, and share the photos with anyone

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