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I shoot eye-catching lifestyle images for products and brands to promote their products online and attract their ideal customer! Having high-quality, custom images styled specifically for your brand will not only connect you to your ideal customers, but it will also level up your brand from the crowd, and take the hassle out of having to take your own images to post on social media

One of the things I saw people say the most in those entrepreneur and small business owner groups is that they never have "good" images to post of their products or with something they want to share. Being a photographer, I accidentally turn every.single.thing. into a full on photoshoot. I will literally buy a new pair of shoes, and go home and style them around my house and take pictures of them just for fun. I realized the random pictures I take around my house could be a brands next Instagram #ad

Every shoot is custom for each brand, and we plan shots around the content you need. I'll take into account any sales/campaigns you have planned, holidays that are coming up, images that should be updated on your website, and content to plan for the next few weeks on social media.  Every shoot I send a variety of on-brand, consistent images that you'll easily be able to access via Dropbox & an online gallery, so planning content or posting on-the-go is quick and easy!

Always have images at your fingertips

Since every business is different and has different needs, my packages are based on an hourly rate or a retainer for 6 or 12 month. Retainer clients spend an average of $250/month, and hourly shoots start at $500.

All clients receive a brand discovery and custom shoot planning session (lots of my big ideas), and after we figure out which package is best for your business we'll start gathering inspiration, planning props, and making the shot list



It depends on which package we decide is best for your business, but we'll plan a shot list that will cover all must-have shots, and while I shoot the must-have images and sets I get styling inspiration and keep shooting from there!

How many images do you deliver?

My house! I shoot everything in my home "studio". After you mail me your products and I source props, I'll shoot everything and deliver your edited images by the decided upon deadline date. I even keep products and branded props from retainer clients for future shoots

Where do you shoot at? 

I Dropbox for high-res images, and I'll send you a online gallery link for on-the-go social media posting. The Dropbox folder will have the image files you'll want to use on your website or in print products, while the online gallery will be sized to social media resolution so you can bookmark the link and download your images anytime you need something quick to post.

How do you deliver images?

It's a mixture of both! Product-based businesses always send me their products, but they also send ~things~ that are on-brand or part of their business. I've had clients send me their custom branded supplies (packaging, collateral, etc.), and supplies or tools they use in their business. I'll source props based on the shot list we plan, but you are more than welcome to send me anything you aleady have or want to incorporate!

Do I send you props or do you plan them out and find them?

We'll set a deadline date for me to have your images delivered by, and I plan when I shoot around that. I usually give myself a week to source props online/go out and find unique on-brand ones (usually from secondhand stores, I find the BEST props there), and when I feel like I have everything I need and I'm prepped, I'll pick a day to shoot. I leave myself ~2 weeks to edit before the deadline date, but I usually have them uploaded earlier

What's your average delivery time for images?


After filling out the form below, I will get back to you with a questionnaire about you/your business and we'll set up a time to hop on the phone. If you don't want to use the contact form, email me directly at MADISONSHORTPHOTO@GMAIL.COM