Custom Wedding Party Gifts from Groovy Guy Gifts

Ya’ll, I am SO excited that Groovy Guy Gifts reached out to me about reviewing their products! I’m definitely not a huge gift giver, but when it comes to something personalized I just can’t pass it up. I personally cherish personalized gifts way more than anything else, and I can only imagine how special your wedding party will feel about getting custom, unique gifts as a thank-you for making your wedding day the best it could ever be!

Joe, from Groovy Guy Gifts, reached out to me and let me pick my favorite gift on their website. At first I was going to go with the Whiskey Cubes because I honestly have never seen them before (plus they’re super versatile, you could use them in iced coffee during the day and whiskey at night!) But then I saw their caricature gifts and I was hooked! The caricatures that they made of people were SO realistic but so quirky! I also loved how you can completely customize them, from what they’re wearing, holding, etc.

I decided to go with a caricature flask of one of my best friends because I knew he would love how personalized it can be. He’s a huge (HUGE) Baltimore Orioles fan, so getting him wearing an O’s jersey was a given. The icing on the cake was having him hold a Natty Boh can (Baltimore’s locally loved beer). Part of me seriously wishes I had this made to look like me, ha!

I sent Joe two images of Mike, a stock images of an O’s jersey and a Natty Boh can I found online. Two days later, I had a mockup in my inbox! Their caricature artist works SO fast, and is so talented! After I OK’d the mockup, it was shipped to my door. When the flask arrived in the mail I was dyinggg laughing! It looked EXACTLY like Mike! And the O’s jersey and Natty Boh can were so perfect!

I love that all of the gifts on their website are so versatile, and not just for groomsmen. I’ve already started planning caricature gifts for my friends and family, and if my favorite hockey team makes it to the playoffs I am 100% getting one made of me! If you’re still looking for gifts for your wedding party, or personalized gifts for friends and family, I highly recommend Groovy Guy Gifts! Their customer service is incredible (thank you Joe!) and their delivery is way faster than I expected, especially with how custom their gifts are!

If you have any questions about my experience with Groovy Guy Gifts, their products, or anything else, please feel free to DM me on Instagram or email me!

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