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Recently Greetabl reached out to me about partnering on a project for client gifts from photographers, and I was so thrilled! I recently received my first Greetabl from a friend, and it was so much fun to open! I love that there are pictures as you open the box, then BAM a fun treat pops out! I still have the pictures from it hanging on my fridge!

Greetabls make the PERFECT client gifts from photographers for many reasons:

1. They have pictures! Photographers obviously LOVE pictures, so this is the perfect gift that combines pictures and fun little gifts. I loved using images from Sammy & Serena’s engagement session in their Greetabl! You could also use images from your clients Instagram or Facebook if you haven’t photographed them yet!

2. They’re the perfect size! Speaking specifically about wedding clients, Greetabls are the perfect little gift to send a month before a couple’s wedding day, or even as a Thank You gift with they wedding images in it! If a couple does not already live together, they are most likely packing and gearing up to move in after their wedding day, so this is the perfect little gift that will brighten their day and not add to their packing.

Some photographers also send other gifts throughout the clients “season” (from the time they book, to when their images are delivered), and Greetabls are a perfect mini-surprise on their doorstep between all the other fun gifts in store for them!

3. They are customizable!! This is probably my FAVORITE part! I love sending personalized gifts to couples, especially after meeting them for the first time and getting to know them! There are so many little gifts to add in the Greetabl, and it was so fun picking out which one Serena & Sammy would like! I went with the champagne gummy bear by Sugarfina, and a handful of confetti, because we are one month out from their wedding and I want them to be celebrating!! And what better way to celebrate than popping champagne (gummy bears!) and throwing confetti!

4. They are FAST! My Greetabl arrived 4 days after I ordered it, and I was so impressed by how quickly it arrived on my doorstep! Especially with the customized note and images on the inside! These would be so fun to send to couples to have waiting for them when they get home from their honeymoon!

Right when I peeled open both sides, confetti started avalanching out…..it was AMAZING!!!

Opening the box was just an explosion of fun! From the confetti pouring out, to the pictures, and the gummy bears as the grand finale! The gummy bears were wrapped up in tissue paper, so it was one more surprise!

I love that the images have perforated sides so you can easily tear them off and keep them forever!

Aug 1, 2018

Greetabl BFF Client Gifts For Photographers



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