Hunter & Megan’s Surprise Proposal Quiet Waters Park, Annapolis, Maryland

I always love seeing the email subject “surprise proposal”, but after talking to Hunter and hearing his grand plan to propose to his girlfriend Megan, I KNEW it was going to be amazing!! Hunter made dinner plans at The Charthouse in Annapolis, but before heading to dinner he had something else up his sleeve. To “waste time before their reservation”, he took Megan to Quiet Waters on the most beautiful Saturday Maryland has had in awhile! What Megan didn’t know is that Hunter and I were at Quiet Waters a week earlier, scoping out the perfect spot for this moment! As Hunter and Megan made their way to the fountain, I was in plane on the steps (sunglasses on, and on the phone with my sister to make it look discrete……..meanwhile I was SHAKING!! I swear I’m always more nervous than the person getting down on one knee!)

All of a sudden, Hunter was on one knee asking his best friend to spend forever with him!!!!! Everything was PERFECT! We strolled around the park for awhile, taking portraits and celebrating the beginning of this new chapter for Megan and Hunter. As I left, these two stayed behind to soak in the fact that they are fiance’s…..while I sped to the Charthouse for Megan’s last surprise! When they arrived, both of their families were there to celebrate with them!!! Hunter pulled off the most perfect day, and Megan never suspected a thing!! The Charthouse even printed custom menus to help them celebrate! There were so many happy tears that day, and I am so, SO honored to have been the one to capture it all!!

Congratulations Hunter & Megan!!!!!!


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