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This pack includes all 3 of my hand crafted Lightroom Mobile presets-- the baesic preset, neon preset, and b-dubs preset.

BAESIC: the anything-but-basic preset. This preset is what I use on ~95% of my images. It adds so much pop and vibrancy to images, without messing with the natural colors.

NEON: Born from my love of neon signs, Neon is based off of the baesic preset, but more toned down. Use this preset when shooting indoors or with artificial light, it keeps those skin tones lookin good and those neon signs lit!!

B-DUBS: I'm all about color, but a good Black & White preset can turn a bad bad photo into something Gram-worthy. A lot of my favorite images were blurry candids that were shot in bad light. The B-Dubs preset takes out the harsh distracting colors, while still making them bright and crisp.

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What are presets?

What do presets do for me?

They're like templates to edit pictures with! You apply a preset on your pictures so that they all have the same consistent "look".

If you're a business owner, blogger, or anyone with an online presence, presets make your images consistent and recognizable! My presets make images pop with a bit of vibrancy, while still keeping the natural colors from the original image. They're perfect for people who share about products, because the colors stay how they look in real life!

How do I use your presets?

My presets work with the free Lightroom Mobile app. Download the app in your devices app store, purchase the presets, and you'll be instructed on how to open the presets in the app and start using them!

Can I just buy one of your presets?

This preset pack was inspired by my own presets that I use for my professional & personal images, and one preset won't work on every image. I designed these to work for specific lighting/shooting conditions, and if you used the same preset on EVERY image, they wouldn't look the same

I'm so bad at taking pictures too! I don't know if your presets will help

Phone photography is something ANYONE can do if they know a few simple tricks! On my Instagram and main photography page, I always share tips & tricks on how to shoot your own content with your phone! Email or DM me with any questions and I'd be happy to help!


before you download the preset pack

Make sure you download the free Lightroom Mobile app first. These presets are only compatible with Lightroom Mobile, and I suggest downloading the app before you begin your preset download to make the process much easier.

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-my 3 hand crafted presets (Baesic, Neon, and B-Dubs)
-instructions on how to download the presets and upload them to Lightroom Mobile
-bomb a$$ pics 


The presets!

what's included: