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You have the ring, you found your dress, you booked all your vendors, and your girls were there to help you every step of the way (plus they threw you a ballin’ bachelorette party!). These little gifts are the perfect way to say “thank you” to them for helping you plan your best day ever!!

Getting ready robes
This is a classic bridesmaid gift! I love when all the girls are in their matching robes while they get their hair and makeup done. Floral robes add pops of color, while solid color monogrammed robes add a little personal touch. My only advice is to go with cotton robes. The satin ones are luxurious, but the material is so slippery that the flaps of the robe shimmy open under the belt, and girls are constantly fixing them. Cotton ones stay put all day!

These are one of my favorite gifts, because tumblers are ALWAYS used! I love the personalized ones with each bridesmaids name or monogram on it. These are perfect for staying hydrated on the wedding day (or….lets be real….filling with champagne!)

Nail Polish
Lets face it, the girls are probably going to get their nails done for you wedding anyway, so why not get them a polish that matches your color palette! Then they can paint their nails themselves, or (if they’re terrible at painting their left hand, like I am) they can bring it to a nail salon. Everyones nails will look so clean and polished while they hold their gorgeous bouquets, and they will probably ask you what color you want them to paint their nails anyways! Check out the super cute Bridal collection by Essie! These colors match almost any wedding color palette, and are perfect colors year round.

It was bound to happen! This gives everyone a quick sugar fix right before the craziness of the day starts. My personal favorites are caramels made locally in Baltimore, but I’m also OBSESSED with champagne gummy bears!

Your girls are going to need something to carry all their fun new gifts in! Monogramed ones will help everyone know which one is theirs, and these have wrist straps so they can easily carry them with their bouquets and have an extra hand to help you with your dress!

Feb 10, 2017

The Ultimate Bridesmaid Gift Bag What your girls REALLY want




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