Wedding Hashtags That Work How to pick a functional wedding hashtag

Wedding hashtags are one of my favorite things that couples implement. They are one of the best ways to get guests involved in the wedding, AND they allow you to see so many pictures that guests take that you might not see otherwise. But there is a difference between a clever hashtag, and a functional one. If your hashtag isn’t very functional, all the images posted with that hashtag will get lost in a sea of images, and you’ll never see them. Here are some tips on how to make your wedding hashtag functional, and memorable!

1. Make sure it has not been used before. This is the most important part. If you take any piece of advice from this post, make it this!!! When thinking of hashtags, go on Instagram and make sure it has not been used before, or if it has been used make sure it has not been used for at least one year. If it has been used recently, there’s a good chance it will continue to be used, so it’s better to be safe! When you have a hashtag that has not been used before (or has not been used recently), it ensures that it’s all YOURS. Then after your wedding day you can go to that hashtag, and only your guests will have posted with that hashtag, and all the images will be familiar.

One of my couples used the hashtag #RiseOfTheRomans, and when you search that tag it’s only pictures of them, or from their wedding. Which makes it fun for Sarah and Andrew because they can see all the moments from their wedding day that they didn’t see when they were happening! If they had chosen a hashtag like #RomanWedding, they would be sifting through 2189 images just to find any of people they recognize.

2. Make it non-wedding related (if possible). I love when couples come up with hashtags that are not wedding related. For example, #RiseOfTheRomans vs. #RomanWedding. Since Sarah & Andrew picked #RiseOfTheRomans, they can use that tag forever, and continue to post images to it. I call this a “Life Hashtag”, because it allows you to document your whole life, and not just your wedding day. Sarah & Andrew are having a baby (YAYAYAYAY!) and they even posted their pregnancy announcement with that hashtag! It’s just a fun way to look back on your whole relationship!

You’re probably saying “okay those are great tips, but I can’t think of any hashtags that haven’t been used”, which is the hard part…but here are some ways to come up with one that is clever and memorable:

  • If you and your fiancé decide to share a last name, think of phrases that involve that word. Look up words that rhyme with the last name, and you might spark some creativity.
  • Think of song titles/lyrics and see if you can implement your name(s). One of my favorite ones I saw recently was #SibolsInSeptember, a play on one of the best wedding songs!
  • Think of something that is important to your relationship. A friend of mine met his now-wife on the steps of their college, called the Princess Steps. Their “Life Hashtag” is #PrincessStepsForTheWin, and I love how much meaning it has!
  • When in doubt…..ask Instagram or Facebook. Which sounds annoying, but a zillion heads are better than one! And you might think of the perfect hashtag based off of one that your friend suggests!


Wedding hashtags are often something that couples don’t think of, but when you pick a good hashtag it becomes one of the most functional things about your wedding! Your guests are going to post a picture of them and their date/friends/family on Instagram anyways, so you might as well be able to see those pictures!



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