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Wedding party gifts are actually one of my favorite things about a wedding day, and I’m not the type to like gifts!! But I love how personal these gifts can be, because you obviously know each other really well or else they wouldn’t be in your wedding party!! There’s a good chance you have “that one friend” who is in sooooo many weddings and has gotten every wedding party gift under the sun, so here are some gift ideas that everyone will love!

First, some rules of what NOT to gift them:

  • Anything that say says anything “wedding-generic”, like Bridesmaid, Groomsman, Flower Girl, etc. They are only a bridesmaid for one day, and anything that says “bridesmaid” will be irrelevant after the day is over. Instead, personalize things with their name or monogram on it!
  • Anything with your wedding date on it or you and your fiance’s name…… Look. Your wedding party loves you and are very excited about your wedding. But they do not want anything with YOUR wedding date on it…..
  • Anything they most likely will not use/anything “just because it’s cute”. There are plenty of smaller “stocking stuffers” to add to their gift to spruce it up that they will actually use, such as
    • alcohol
    • candy
    • hangover meds

Okay, now to the good stuff! The best wedding party gifts I have ever seen!!

For the girls:

PJ’s or robes: Pretty much everyone gifts their girls something cute to wear while they are getting ready. And actually, these are also a gift to you! Your girls will wear them the morning of your wedding, and everyone will be matching all cute for your getting ready pictures. If my sister-in-law didn’t gift me my PJ’s, ya girl would have been in an old t-shirt and shorts for all the pictures….not cute.

This is also the best gift because it makes hair & makeup even easier!! Have you ever done your hair & makeup, then realized you want to change your shirt…….so you stretch it out really far to not touch your head. Yeah….this is the same situation. So make sure whatever you get can be fully unbuttoned/untied/unzipped!! The robes in the photo below are from HERE. There are some more cute options HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Bags, of any size. Am I the only one who is always organizing things into bags/pouches? I feel like any kind of “storage unit” is always a great gift! And if you want to just do one big gift for everyone, these weekender bags are really cute and can easily be personalized

Jewelry. Especially if you want them to wear certain things on your wedding day. It’s easier to gift them what you want them to wear, instead of telling them what color jewelry, what style necklace/earrings, to or not to wear a bracelet, etc. Also, if you don’t gift them what you want them to wear, all your girls will be texting you pictures asking “is this okay to wear to the wedding?” because they actually do care that much!

Mani/pedis. They’re going to get their nails done for your wedding anyways, AND they’ll be asking you what colors you want them to have. So you might as well make a date out of it! My sister-in-law gifted us brunch and mani/pedis the day before the wedding, and I had never met any of the other bridesmaids before so it was really fun to hangout with everyone and get to know them! You could also gift them a bottle of nail polish in the color you want them to wear, and they can take it to any salon and have them use that color.

For The Guys:

Flasks, koozies, alcohol containers. This is pretty obvious. The guys do a lot of “sitting around” after they get dressed and ready, and they most likely will be looking for the bar (who won’t serve them until after the ceremony). So have them BYO in style. These custom flasks from Groovy Guy Gifts are SO funny, and you can personalize them for each person. If you want to do one big gift for everyone, these coolers are perfect!

A wedding-morning activity. Guys take ~30 minutes to actually get ready. To keep them occupied in the morning (and to make sure they’re all on time for the wedding…) plan something for the morning! Brunch, sailing, golfing, fishing, axe throwing, rock climbing, distillery/brewery tours, the list goes on and on!

Socks/cufflinks/belts/ties. If you want them to wear something specific, gift it to them! These also turn into really fun gifts because they can be personalized, yet still uniform and discrete. No one will see their socks, so you could get them their fav football team, etc. Same with cufflinks! Although most guys don’t use cufflinks as often as they use socks. The belt below was the grooms, but he got the same belts for all the guys with their favorite sports team logo, what state they live in, etc.

No matter what you gift your wedding party, they will love it, especially if it’s personalized just for them!

Dec 7, 2019

The Best Gifts For Your Wedding Party



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