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There are certain vendors that can only book one wedding per day, and some vendors that can book multiple. The vendors that can only book one wedding a day should be booked first, especially if they’re someone you really love!

Vendors to book first:
-Planners/coordinators (I’ll go into the difference between these 2 jobs below!)
-DJ’s and entertainment
-Hair & Makeup
-Any other vendors that have to be there AT your wedding

Vendors you can wait on if you need to:
-Calligraphy/signage/invitation suite

Vendors that can do multiple weddings in one day usually drop off whatever they created for you and head to the next wedding, but in some cases they may not be able to take your wedding if they are already booked (ex: if your florist won’t have time to drive between your wedding and their next wedding in time for the ceremony). If there’s a vendor you love, it’s best to contact them sooner than later either way!

Planner vs. coordinator

I didn’t know the difference between these two job titles before I was a wedding photographer, so I wanted to share the difference if you’re torn between which one to hire!

Wedding Planner: If you book a planner for full wedding planning, you’ll get their full expertise. They’ll help you pick the best vendors, bring your visions to life, and of course, on the day-of they will handle everything. They’ll make sure your florals get delivered to the right hotel room before pictures, they’ll call transportation and tell them where to pick you up, they’ll make sure everyone is where they need to be at all times (which is very helpful for family pictures!), they’re pretty much your personal assistant for your wedding day. They’re magicians who handle every aspect of your wedding, I honestly don’t know how they do it all!

Wedding coordinator: coordinators are there on the day-of to make sure the timeline runs smoothly. They make sure vendors arrive on time, you stay on time, and take away some stress of the day. Most coordinators will not help set up your wedding day, and that’s a very common misconception. Coordinators are there to coordinate, and they were not part of the planning process, so they don’t set up any decor or fix things that need to be fixed to match your vision. Some coordinators offer month-of planning, and may help with setup if you go with this option!

I hope this was helpful, and if you need any help deciding on vendors please email me!

Feb 12, 2020

Who To Book First and Why



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