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Some of us are not DIY-ers at all, and some of us would DIY our house from the ground up if we had access to the correct tools and materials. I am definitely the later of the two. When I was little, all I wanted was Michaels giftcards to buy more craft supplies, and I’m still the type of person who will walk into any store and be like “I can definitely make that!!”. Although I LOVE making things and I think there is a lot of sentimental value added when something is handmade by you, I also think that wedding planning will be a lot more stress-free if you skipped DIY-ing certain things and hired someone to create it for you.

**I’m NOT one to push push push details and decor, you could have not one piece of décor and your wedding will still be beautiful, but I know couples always have décor so I want to help them have details that won’t make them more stressed about planning their wedding. I also know that planning a wedding is expensive, and you absolutely do not have to have any of this to have a beautiful wedding day.**

***I’ll also add that if you want to DIY your whole wedding, DO IT!! This post is mainly to help couples who are planning their decor and figuring out if they want to do it themselves or not***

Things you should not DIY:

-Anything you will not be keeping.
If you’re buying it just for your wedding and you don’t see it staying in your life/home afterwards, don’t DIY it. This includes-

-furniture for escort displays
-cake table
-lounge areas
-table numbers, etc

These things will take up SO MUCH ROOM in your house leading up to, and after, your wedding. I’ve heard a lot of couples say “I’ll DIY it and sell it after my wedding”. If you’re in any Wedding facebook group, you’ve seen everyoneeeeee trying to sell their wedding décor. They spent so much money and time making them, and now they’re struggling to get rid of everything because everyone else is already DIY-ing their own wedding decor. By hiring artists to make your décor and renting furniture, you not only save the time you would use to make everything, but you also save time AFTER your wedding because you don’t have to worry about getting rid of everything (which includes the night of your wedding when you have to make sure everything is out of the venue by midnight…)

The cost of hiring someone to create these things for you is far less than the time and money it takes to gather your supplies, actually make everything, haul it to and from the venue, and sell it on Facebook (cringe). And I wouldn’t be saying this if I didn’t absolutely believe it, because I personally hate when people bullshit me and try to sell me on things I don’t need.

I think it’s also really fun to be a little surprised on your wedding day, because you haven’t seen all the pieces in your home every single day. When you rent everything you know generally what it will look like, but it will be such a fun surprise to see it all together when you walk into your wedding reception for the first time!

-Anything that will, inevitably, be thrown away.
Escort cards, one-time-use décor, flowers, cake, favors, etc.

It will take you forever to hand-write all ~100+ escort cards, and if they’re paper they will be thrown away. Creating custom favors will take even longer. I know a lot of people own Cricuts or other cutting machines, and you don’t need to cut, weed, place/iron on a design onto hundreds of koozies or cups. There are plenty of wholesale websites that let you create custom favors on the cheap side, and the only thing you have to do is upload a design (or pick a pre-made one). Use that extra time to hangout with your fiancé and plan a kickass honeymoon!

Floral arrangements and cakes need to be made in a very specific time frame before your wedding day so that they last. Chances are, you have friends and family traveling in from out of state. Some of them will get there a few days before the wedding, and they’ll probably want to hangout with you. If you need to bake your cake or put your florals together, you might miss out on your own pre-wedding fun!

Things to DIY (if you want to):

-Décor for you/your home:
Signs with your last name, guest books, custom clothes/jackets, etc. I think handmade items are so special, and these are things you’ll actually have forever. So putting your energy and care into them will add a lot more value to them. You’ll also get to see them displayed in your home, or wear them with your fav outfit, and think back to your wedding day! It would also be a fun date-night to make something for your wedding that you know you’ll have forever!

-Gifts for your wedding party and/or family:
Handmade gifts are so thoughtful, and your wedding party will appreciate the care that went into personalizing their gifts! Having something with your name or monogram on it is so much more special than having something that says Bridesmaid or Groomsman. Read more on what to/not to gift your wedding party HERE!!

I know DIY-ing things seems like the easier/cheaper option, but it all adds up and you don’t want more wedding-stress. It’s best to leave the décor to the professionals, because I promise they are just as excited to create beautiful things for your wedding! Then when the night is over, you can head to the after party without worrying about who is picking up all the décor before the venue needs everyone out. Below are some of my favorite wedding professionals who would be thrilled to make your wedding dreams come true!

Amy Scripts
Lynn Cipollone (the artist behind all images in this post)
Dear Darling Designs
Little Bit Heart
Anchor Point Paper Co.

Something Vintage
Brightly Ever After
The Darling Myth
Sentimental Fools
Honeywood Rentals

Jan 7, 2020

What Not To DIY For Your Wedding



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